Premium Current Accounts

Premium Current Account can be opened by Business firm, companies, institutions and other corporate bodies etc but excluding banks and financial institutions.

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Key Features

  • Open your account in AED & USD currencies.
  • Enjoy the benefits of interest with “Auto sweep facility available”
  • Sweep / Reverse sweep will be for AED 50,000/- / USD 13,600/- in excess / shortfall of AED 250,000/- / USD 68,000/-
  • Interest will be payable @1.00% after maturity of one month on amount sweeped in TD and 0% in case of premature payment.
  • Interest paid on balances kept in excess of minimum threshold by creating Flexi Fixed Deposits (FFD) as per below:
  • Period ROI
    0 to 29 days NIL
    30 days to 59 days 0.10%
    60 days to 89 days 0.10%
    90 days 0.20%
  • System will automatically reverse sweep the TD, if outstanding balance in current account (apart from TD) falls below the minimum balance requirement.
  • Sweep / Reverse sweep will take place at the time of day end activities.
  • One cheque book of 50 leaves is free per half year (Apr-Sept & Oct-Mar)


  • Duly filled account opening form
  • Copy of registration with economic department*
  • Share certificates*
  • Original Trade License and a photocopy of the same*
  • Original Passport with photocopies of all relevant pages of the director/s/authorised signatories with residence Visa Copy
  • Chamber of Commerce Registration*
  • Free Zone Registration*
  • Labor Agreement*
  • Copy of the Memorandum and Article of Association along with all amendments
  • LLC Agreement
  • Certified copy of the board of directors resolution regarding conduct of the account along with signatures of the authorized signatories as per the format printed in the application form
  • Introduction of the Business Account holder
  • Two recent size photograph of the director/s/person
  • Copy Of Tenancy Contract
  • Bank account statement of existing A/c - if corporate maintains account with other Bank
  • Original documents to be produced for verification
  • All A/cs are opened based on KYC guidelines as prescribed by the Central Bank of UAE
  • In case of overseas companies incorporated abroad following documents are to be notarized in country of incorporation & legalized by UAE Govt./Consulate

(*require as per constitution of firm)


As applicable from time to time, please refer Service charges guidelines separately or click Service charges to see more details.

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