Loan To Traders For Working Capital

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Key Features

  • The Scheme aims at providing finance for working capital and other long-term purposes against the security of cash margin and/or immovable property.
  • A single line of credit for Working capital such as Over Draft, Trust Receipts, BP/BD/LCD, short-term demand loans, Letter of credits, Bank Guarantees, and also long-term requirements against the security of certain cash margin and/or immovable property.
  • The working capital limit can be extended up to 20% of the projected sales Turnover subject to following:
  • In case security is available (subject to maximum AED 3 million)
  • 60% of the value of Mortgage/Assignment
  • 50% of the value of the possessory pledge
  • In case of collateral security is not available (subject to maximum AED 3 million)
  • 60% cash margin if the establishment is less than 3 years old
  • 50% cash margin if establishment is > 3 years
  • Period: Working capital Finance–Renewable annually Term loans-Up to 7 years


  • All business / Service concerns having sales turnover upto AED 100 millions and undertaking the business of trading in goods and services
  • Security: Assignment / mortgage of the immoveable property, personal guarantee, etc.


  • Rate of interest*: Competitive Rate of interest prevailing at the time of sanction

*Terms: Rates and charges are subject to change from time to time

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