• Territory Contacts

Territory Contacts

Territory Contacts - Zonal Office, Dubai
Name Designation FAX Number Telephone Number Email
Mr. Nishant Ranjan Chief Executive      
Mr. Anil Kumar Srivastava Deputy Chief Executive      
Mr. Ravinder Aggarwal Deputy Chief Executive      
Mr. Eswar Nagarajan Assistant General Manager
(Corporate Finance)
04-3530839 04-3136603 smecredit@bankofbaroda-uae.ae
Mr. Saurab Srivastava Chief Manager
(Planning, Publicity and Operations)
04-3530839 04-3136601 cm.marketing@bankofbaroda-uae.ae
Mr.Praveen Kumar Senior Manager
(Marketing / NRI Business)
04-3530839 04-3136609 cso.uae@bankofbaroda-uae.ae
Mr. Jitendra Sankla Chief Manager
04-3530839 04-3136692 syndicationcentre@bankofbaroda-uae.ae
Mr. Bhuvan Chief Manager
(Retail Banking)
04-3530839 04-3136696 retailbanking@bankofbaroda-uae.ae
Mr. Gaurav Mathur Chief Manager
(HR & Administration)
04-3530839 04-3136694 hr@bankofbaroda-uae.ae
Mr.Ayyappa Kosuru Assistant General Manager
(Risk Management)
04-3530839 04-3136695 risk.management@bankofbaroda-uae.ae
Mr. Amit Keshri Chief Manager
(Chief Compliance Officer and Head of AMLRO)
04-3467036 04-3467036 compliance.aml@bankofbaroda-uae.ae
Mr. Veera Kumar Chief Manager
04-3136689 04-3136689 recovery.monitoring@bankofbaroda-uae.ae