Small and powerful, our ‘SME Factory’.

Get your banking requirements met.

  • Key Features
  •  Specialised approach – a separate set up

  • Focused attention

  • Professional staff, exclusively dealing with this sector only

  • Streamlined processes – leading to reduction in turnaround time

  • Works on assembly line principle

  • Excellent idea about industry/market developments

  • The model works on assembly line principles with simplified processes

  • Every activity has a fixed time limit

  • Entire process flow is well defined

  • Each department must meet its deadlines

  • Use of latest technology and in-house skilled man power to deliver focused services to SME customers

  • Takes care of marketing/sales (sales hub) and credit processing/sanction (credit hub) under single umbrella

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a SME loan?

    An SME is a business with fewer than 250 employees and annual revenues below AED 250 million. However, the definition may vary depending on the industry.

  • What types of SME loans does Bank of Baroda UAE offer?
    • We offer SME loans like working capital finance, term loans, and project finance.
    • Our specialised setup and dedicated staff cater specifically to SME customers.
    • We employ streamlined processes based on assembly line principles for faster turnaround time.
    • Marketing/sales and credit processing/sanction are handled together for efficiency.
    • Latest technology and skilled manpower are utilised to provide focused services.
    • We have a strong understanding of industry/market developments for tailored solutions for SMEs.
  • How do I open a SME loan account with Bank of Baroda UAE?

    To open a SME loan account with Bank of Baroda UAE, fill out the application form, attach the necessary documents, and submit it at our branch.

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