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  • Key Features
  • Charges

Trade Finance : Key Features

  • This facility is offered in the form of fully secured/partially secured/on clean basis for business concerns for their working capital requirement

  • Revolving facility available

  • Operations similar to Current Account

  • Interest application on daily product basis

Rate of Interest*:

  • For advances against deposit - 1% over TDR rate (Refer to advances against bank’s own deposits under retails lending)

  • For others - Linked with base rate

Trust Receipt:
  • Loans offered to any medium traders, corporate for financing procurement of goods/material etc.

  • Facility is allowed against bills drawn under sight Letter of Credit bills

  • Maximum tenor is up to 90 days

  • Facility given in AED

  • Loan amount depending on sanction limit/individual transaction

  • Floating rate of Interest linked to base rate

Bill Finance:
  • Purchase of bills drawn under LC/outside LC

  • Discounting of usance bills

  • Purchase/Discounting of local cheques

  • Rate of Interest: Fixed as well as floating rate of interest

Demand Loan:
  • For any other general corporate purpose of short-term nature and other working capital requirement of a business concern

  • No minimum tenor, but maximum tenor is 36 months

  • Rate of interest: Depends on the security offered linked to Base Rate

*Terms: Rates and charges are subject to change from time to time

Trade Finance : Charges

  • Rate of interest*: For advances against deposit - 1% over TDR rate (Refer to advances against banks own deposits under retails lending). For others - Linked with base rate

  • *Terms: Rates and charges are subject to change from time to time

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is trade finance and how can it benefit my business?

    Trade finance encompasses a range of products and services that aid in managing risks associated with international trade. These include instruments like letters of credit, guarantees, and loans, designed to facilitate smooth cross-border transactions.

  • What types of trade finance services does Bank of Baroda UAE offer?
    • Bank of Baroda UAE provides various types of trade finance services to corporate and SME clients.
    • Overdraft- It allows clients to withdraw funds within a specified maximum amount.
    • Trust Receipt- It is a financial document used when a company receives goods but cannot pay until they are sold.
    • Bill Finance- It helps companies manage cash flow through short-term financing.
    • Demand Loan- It is available for clients to address urgent funding requirements.
  • How do I apply for trade finance with Bank of Baroda UAE?

    To apply for trade finance with Bank of Baroda UAE:

    • Fill out an online application form for the desired trade finance product.
    • Submit the necessary documents.
    • Wait for the bank to review and process your application.
    • Additional information or clarification may be requested during the procedure.
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